• Magic is in the air.

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Magic is in the air.

Boost your brain, improve memory, enhance focus.

Less is more.

Mycrodose™ is made with all-natural bioactive compounds of mushrooms, healing plants and herbs. Our proprietary nanoemulsion process produces compounds which are far more potent, stable and effective than capsules or powders for enhancing absorption and efficacy of the vital nutrients, vitamins, and supplements.

For mind, body & soul.

Mycrodose is a natural wellness company. We believe in the power of plants and fungi to support health, happiness, creativity, focus and longevity. Our products are made from functional mushrooms, hemp derived cannabinoids, and other shamanic herbs that have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world.

When taking Mycrodose, I feel like my mood and energy levels are greatly increased and an amazing improvement in mental clarity throughout the day.

Renne B.

I've tried all kinds of natural extracts that focus on getting me in the right mindset to get my work done, but none of them really worked. After taking this for a few days, I noticed that my mood was much more focused. I felt like I could handle anything life threw at me without any side effects to be seen!

Ali B.