LSD Reddit & Shrooms Reddit: Guide for a Positive Experience

Looking for exquisite, reliable information on Shrooms and LSD?

Check no further than Reddit.

Reddit is a social news aggregation website with an infamous reputation.

Its users, known as Redditors, are notorious for their online mischief and ability to create memes out of almost any situation. However, despite these shenanigans, Reddit is also a diverse group of people who like to share knowledge. The Shrooms Reddit and LSD Reddit is among the most popular forums on the site. It provides a place where people can ask questions about taking hallucinogens or connect with others about their experiences. It also serves as a sanctuary for people to discuss anything related to psychedelic drugs in an accurate way.

The forum’s mission statement is simple: “Discussing psychedelics, including its history, effects, risks and safe usage tips.” This goal remains true today in 2017 despite the thousands of posts on the site dating back to 2007. The moderators of this forum are both knowledgeable and friendly which often leads to their active participation in discussions. The community guidelines are clear and concise so that there are no question marks over what is acceptable content (e.g., images of mushrooms) or how discussions should be conducted (e.g., respecting all members). The rules state:

1.) Leave your ego at the door; 

2.) Be respectful; 

3.) No trolling; 

4.) Post quality original content; 

5.) DAE – don't ask if [shrug emoji]; 

6.) NP – no permission needed; 

7.) Moderate by consensus; 

8.) Banned terms: "op", "psychoactive", "drug", "substance"; 

9.) Off-topic discussion usually gets removed unless it's really good; 

10) Avoid repetition!

One thread that was particularly informative involved a user asking whether he had taken psilocybin or plain shrooms in his past few trips (Psilocybin/Psilocyn is the psychoactive substance produced by certain mushrooms.). Several users replied explaining how difficult it was for them to tell the difference between psilocybin and shroom content based solely off taste or trip characteristics alone. Ultimately, they agreed that an experienced person would know exactly what they had ingested simply by looking at a sample.

Another thread that sparked many discussions involved a user asking how psilocybin and LSD were similar or different. Many users replied explaining the similarities between these drugs, including their effect on brain chemistry, duration of effects and how they are made. They also described their personal experiences with each drug and why they preferred one over the other.

It’s easy to see why this forum is among the most popular on Reddit. Its members are dedicated to providing accurate information and educating people about psychedelic drugs who want to explore them safely. Its users can also rely on the mods to keep things running smoothly and provide support when needed.

Most people who microdose shrooms or LSD on reddit appear to be entrepreneurs, writers, or programmers. Microdosing is a popular way to be productive at work and live a more fulfilling life. Reddit is also a great way to meet other people who are doing the same thing. Many microdosers have reported meeting other people who microdose and formed lasting friendships with them. It is very likely that you will be able to find other people in your area who enjoy this activity! If you want to get started meeting others, the best place to start would be on reddit where there is a very active sub-reddit!

The most popular subreddit for microdosing was created by a scientist who has been working in this field for many years and has run some of the largest studies on psychedelics and creativity. He posts regularly to answer questions from curious users, as well as provide qualitative information on each substance.  You can also find useful links such as preparation sheets, drug testing kits, and even milligram scales at the top of that page!

This is a compilation of amazing posts showing the overall immense benefits, although anecdotal, made by many users on different sub-Reddits related to shrooms and lsd.

How about one of the most amazing reddit shroom posts on the Internet, entitled “Shrooms cured my social anxiety. Ask me anything.”

“I was in some sort of depression and had just gotten fired from my job. I had lots of free time on my hands and I started playing video games for hours a day while doing a lot of drugs (mostly weed , mdma , cocaine, acid). This continued for about 6 or 7 months until I could not do it anymore. I was very nervous around people and felt very out of place all the time. My life was falling apart and I couldn’t stop doing drugs no matter how hard I tried. I eventually got fired from my job because they caught me smoking weed at work after they told me not to do it again . So there i was , unemployed with more free time than ever so i figured why not try shrooms! So i go on over to the dark net and order some spores, grow some shrooms in jars, eat them and then sit down to play some video games. Except this time something is different! It hit me like a brick wall! My heart rate slows down so much that it feels like its beating with the rhythm of a metronome. Its like i can feel every single beat throughout my body when i focus on it. Its almost as if part of me has died yet another part of me is being born at the same time! At first i thought it was just weed but after doing research that night i learned about psilocybin mushrooms , which are considered by many to be spiritual medicine . I read up on how they make you feel spiritually connected to everything around you which made perfect sense since that is exactly what happened to me when i took them.. After feeling spiritually transformed by shrooming or whatever you want to call it, i realized that this drug wasn’t going to ruin my life like other substances did in the past.. It actually ended up saving my life once it gave me back control over myself and helped heal all those negative emotions inside of me! Ever since taking them ive been able to find gainful employment and maintain healthy relationships with other people.. Shrooms have changed my life for the better in so many ways!! They really do make you feel happy inside."

Another amazing story is found in the reddit post “I was a normal guy until I shroomed.”

Here is an excerpt from that thread:

“My life changed one day, when I was only 17 y/o. I had spent most of my summer dealing with depression, and drinking and smoking weed just to deal with it… One night a friend of mine got some shrooms, and we each ate an eighth. We then went on a walk through our neighborhood, talking about everything in the world imaginable.. after about an hour of this we went back to his house and chilled for another hour or two.. At this point things were starting to feel very strange.. I kept feeling like I was looking at myself from above.. I then began to realize that if you change your perspective, you can see things differently. It’s truely incredible how the human mind works… The next morning i woke up feeling better than ever before. It was as if my eyes had been opened to the world around me, and everything made sense! Life wasn’t all bad! Now after 4 years of experiencing these feelings every time i take shrooms (which happens 2-4 times per year), i have realized my purpose in life: To spread this knowledge as far as possible. Shrooms really are that powerful."

The reddit post “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shroom.” is another great example of a positive shroom trip, read the excerpt below:

“At this point I was starting to get worried again, because I could feel that the shrooms had started kicking in. I was getting anxious and my heart started racing. My body became flush with sweat and my mouth dried up. The thought of not being in control scared me.. but it didn't scare me enough to make me want to stop taking them.. After what seemed like forever, I finally summoned up the courage to get out of bed and walk into my living room. As soon as I walked through the door, a feeling of bliss came over me... It was as if all my worries were lifted away by some invisible force..I walked around my house without a care in the world, talking to myself about how amazing everything looked, and how crazy it would appear to anybody else who saw it. Everything just seemed so perfect in that moment... And then something really weird happened... I remember thinking "wow this is crazy" because suddenly everything appeared upside-down (even though my vision wasn't inverted). It felt like gravity had changed directions and instead of being pulled down towards the ground, everything was being pulled towards the sky! I remember laughing at how crazy this felt for about 10 seconds before slowly regaining control over myself. From that point on, everything just felt amazing...I loved everything about life. The trees outside looked beautiful, people looked happy and friendly from across the street.. Everything seemed so perfect.. After having these thoughts for awhile (about 30 minutes), euphoria set in.. As soon as my mind cleared up a bit (which took about 20 minutes) my thoughts drifted towards things such as why we are here on earth, what our purpose is..etc... From there they drifted toward other topics such as spirituality and God.”

Below we list a huge collection of glowing reddit experiences of users of both LSD and Psychedelic Mushrooms.

  • 27yo female
    • microdosed shrooms 5g wet every 4th day (5 days on 3 days off); admin job; anxiety and depression since childhood; used alcohol heavily aged 18-21 until sobriety at age 21; still anxious but happier and calmer than previous years; reports feeling happier, more positive, more able to cope with daily stresses, less judgmental of herself and others around her; reports feeling physically lighter on Shrooms - “it feels like I have less gravity pulling down on me” 


  • 30yo male 
    • 1st trip was 4 weeks ago – microdosed 20x 0.2g tabs for 2 weeks then 10x 0.2g tabs for 2 weeks – says he works in a fast paced environment where his creativity was becoming stifled due to stressors at work – some life events also triggered a period of anxiety which he had never experienced before (started when he was 14) – says he became aware of all the negative thoughts going through his mind about himself and it got him very low very fast due to how hard working he is – microdosing has stopped the negative thought spiral so now he can focus on “moving forward without being dragged down by unnecessary drama” - reports feeling much better emotionally after first week – reports feeling much clearer headed and more creative generally speaking (e g his job involves lots of data analysis) - finding it easier pass exams rather than needing last minute cramming sessions - reports friends noticing positive change in him & increased confidence / assertiveness / sense of self-worth.


  • 26yo male
  • has been microdosing shrooms (3g wet) every two weeks for a year – considers it “a better, happier version of myself” – reports feeling more confident and assertive in social situations - says it helps him to deal with his anxiety and depression in a more positive way – has stopped drinking alcohol completely


  • 23yo female
    • microdosed LSD 3x week for 7 months (started at 3-5ug, worked up to 20ug) - reports an overall improvement in mental health which she attributes to the LSD (she also took steps to address her anxiety and depression through counselling) – does not consider herself an addict but is still taking small doses every 2-3 weeks


  • 28yo male
    • microdosed mushrooms 5g wet 4 times per month for last 6 months. Previous experience with psychedelics (mostly LSD) before that. Took large amounts during 2015-16 when he was going through some difficult life events. Has had periods of depression since 12yo. Microdosing now for over 6 months. Feels like microdosing allows him to be both happy AND productive without the downsides of drinking alcohol or using benzos or cannabis. Says he feels much calmer during the day, can handle stress better, more flexible, no morning hangover, more motivated towards his creative work, can make difficult decisions easier due to clear headedness - Doesn’t feel like he needs it anymore but will continue occasional use for as long as possible due to how well it has worked for him so far!


  • 52yo male
    • reports being clean from addictions for 10 years after 30 years of experience with opiates and alcohol addiction - microdoses shrooms 3g wet once a week on Saturdays and has been doing this for 1 year reports feeling 'lighter' on Shrooms; less angry and resentful towards others; able to be more present and grounded when in social situations; reports that his mind is clearer; less judgmental; feels overall calmer in stressful situations; says this makes his life easier so he will keep doing it until he feels there is no benefit left 
  • 29yo male
    • has been using LSD since 14yo (this was in the 90s) – moved to Ireland 8 years ago and experienced depression for first time in his life – started microdosing a year ago (every 4th day, 10ug) and noticed that he felt calmer overall; able to think more clearly and anxiety levels decreased. He describes himself as having an “old man brain” but feels microdosing is helping him function better - reports that it has helped him to make changes to his diet and lifestyle which he says have made him feel much healthier overall
  • 23yo female
    • has used LSD on several occasions in the past year but not regularly - started microdosing recently (every 5 days, 3x 0.2g tabs over 4 days) after a stressful month at work - reports feeling less anxious now and even noticed her skin clearing up! She does not consider herself an addict so she will continue taking small amounts intermittently whenever she feels anxious or needs help dealing with difficult situations. She plans to take them when needed rather than routine like some users 
  • 27yo female
    • uses 2-3g shrooms every two weeks (one dose every 2-4 days during week before trip) Started doing this after getting many compliments from friends about how well she was doing lately. Did not consider herself an addict so did not plan on using these all the time but just as a boost when needed. Reports feeling more confident, calm, creative, and energetic during this period of microdosing. Feels like she can handle whatever comes at her in life more easily now.
  • 30yo male
    • started microdosing in the last two months (every 4th day, 3g wet) - reports feeling calmer and more focused since starting to take Shrooms; feels like he is more present in social situations; also feels that he is less judgmental of others. He does not consider himself an addict so will keep doing it as long as it continues to work for him. 


  • 43yo male
    • has been taking LSD regularly (every week or two) for 10 years. Does not consider himself an addict. Reports feeling calmer and happier since starting to microdose every 4th day with LSD. Took a break for 2 weeks and noticed on the 3rd week that his mood started to change and felt less happy overall so now is back to microdosing every 4 days - has not noticed any negative side effects from using LSD but says he does not plan on using regularly due to the high cost 
  • 23yo female
    • microdosed 2-3 x 0.2g tabs psilocybin shrooms every Sunday morning for 6 weeks then reduced frequency to every fortnight (due to cost) - felt a noticeable improvement in her mood within one week of starting and was able to stop taking anti-depressants she had been prescribed after 5 weeks - reports feeling calmer overall, more self-aware, less anxious, better sleep, more confidence around people, closer relationships with friends/family 

As you can see from these posts made by users on Reddit there are many positive benefits brought about by magic mushrooms or psilocybin containing substances & LSD which are often overlooked by those that only know one side of its story. Don't forget that you have 2 choices when looking at different substances: You can either choose substance A or substance B both will produce different consequences but it's ultimately up to you which choice you make! 

Remember, research is key & everything in moderation! If you want to find move info on Reddit Shrooms or Reddit LSD just visit!

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